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Harry vs Larry E-BULLITT - STEPS E6100 - NEXUS 5 DI2
The E6100 Bullitt takes the standard Bullitt and gives you way more capability, whether that's longer rides or bigger hills. A Bullitt is a legendary bike and its light frame and high performance parts are the choice of bike messengers, weekend warriors and bike commuters across the world. This is the ultimate low maintenance, all-weather machine. The Nexus 5 hub is Shimano's purpose-built e-bike hub; low-maintenance and made to sustain the constant torque and power of their E6100 motor. The E6100 motor, meanwhile, has an insane 500W of peak power (250W nominal), 60nm of torque (perfect for uphill acceleration), and a massive 418W battery that can push up to 180km on a single charge. And, with the Gates CDX belt drive, you get up to 30,000km of zero-maintenance drivetrain use. Add the electric shifting and hydraulic brakes and you have the perfect winter bike (no cable freeze, no chain, almost no maintenance). Anybody who has ridden a Bullitt knows the feeling. Whereas most cargo bikes are heavy, sluggish and tend to 'bow' in corners, the Bullitt is light, fast and ultra-stiff. What you give it, it gives back. This performance is only advanced by a performance geometry that maximizes pedal-transfer and steering performance. It's a highly responsive machine... it reads your mind. This is even more the case with the E6100 motor constantly tuning power to your torque, cadence and wheel RPM. Add the automatic electric shifting (there's a manual option too), and this is pure mind-bike connection.
  • Lightweight 6061 Aluminum frame, made for STePS
  • Large payload chassis with 100kg payload
  • 250W nominal power, 500W peak. 60nm of torque
  • 418W battery for long rides (up to 180km)
  • Satori Easy-up stem adjusts handlebars from upright comfort to demon speed racer
  • Short wheelbase and low centre of gravity puts less bike and more handling into corners
  • Steep seat and head-tube angles optimize acceleration and handling
  • Super-stiff frame doesn't flex in corners: total mind-bike connection
  • Low maintenance Nexus 5 internal hub with a 263% gear range
  • Di2 electric shifting w/ optional Automatic shift
  • TRP Slate T4 4-piston caliper with massive 180mm rotors
  • High-puncture resistant Schwalbe Tires
  • Heavy duty aluminum kickstand
  • Designed in Denmark
  • Convoy Products Evo Box w/ Headrest & Canopy
    The EVO Box with headrest and canopy is a practical extension for Larry vs. Harry's BULLITT cargo bikes. It offers plenty of space for 2 children. The small passengers are well protected by the EVO box. Even in bad weather, the occupants stay dry thanks to the rain cover and have a good view at the same time. BOX - Sturdy aluminum box with headrest - Designed for one or two children with comfortable seat width for two children - Ergonomic seat angle - 3-point belt system with adjustable belt heights - Removable and easy to clean seat cushion - Footwell recess for more legroom/comfort - Anti-slip coating - Includes pocket on the back - 624 mm x 380 mm x 780 mm (width x height x length) without headrest and canopy - Weight: 12.9 kg - Manufactured in Germany - Pictured: White box; In Stock: Black Box CANOPY - Removable transparent rain cover - Collapsible to fit the pocket of the EVO Box - Tool-free assembly and disassembly of the canopy - Foldable for independent lateral entry - Lightweight streamlined construction - Rollable insect/sun protection net - Ventilation when using the rain cover - Textiles made from extremely robust, light and waterproof X-Pac material from the sailing sector - Seat height of about 60 cm - Weight: 1.3kg - Manufactured in Germany Made for Harry vs Larry (e)Bullit cargo bikes; also available.
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