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Power Your Ride with an E-Bike


Electric Bikes Are For Everyone

Make More Possible

When you ride an e-bike for the first time, you'll feel more is possible than you ever imagined.

Skip traffic jams, haul heavier loads, take your kids to school the fun way, and drive a whole lot less while always arrive fresh and fashionably early.

Beat your distance records, cruise up trickier mountain climbs, keep pace pace with friends and family members, and achieve all kinds of new personal milestones - all without losing the thrill and challenge of the ride.

Electric bikes give you more of what you already love. And for all the great things about them, that's the best.

Anatomy of an E-Bike


This is where you can see and control your e-bike's settings, like assist level, how far you rode, and your battery status. Many e-bike systems allow for integration with a smartphone app.


E-bike motors run off of lithium ion batteries. On many e-bikes the battery is hidden in the frame - and on some, it's so well hidden you wouldn't even know it's an e-bike. The higher the watt-hours (Wh) of the battery, the farther you can ride.


Pedal-assist systems on our e-bikes help turn the pedals while you're riding. These motors are mounted near the crank, or in some cases, in the rear wheel hub - and they engage when you start to turn the pedals.

Say Watt-What..?!

The most common terms associated with e-bikes:

TORQUE - the turning force that causes rotation in an electric bicycle motor and propels you forward. We call it the "oomph".
NEWTON-METER (Nm) - a unit of torque (the "oomph"); higher Nm = more powerful motor.
WATTS (W) - a single unit of electrical energy. To be classified as an e-bike motor in most countries, the motor must sustain 250W of continuous power.
BATTERY CAPACITY - measured in watt-hours (Wh), this is how much energy is stored in the battery; it determines the range of an e-bike.
RANGE - how far you can ride with e-bike assist before running out of power (battery). 




Fully assembled, tuned, and ready to roll. Shouldn't be too much to ask of an e-bike, should it? 

We believe it's our responsibility, not yours to provide a simple electric bike experience. Our mechanics are trained and certified by Trek, Bosch, and Shimano to assemble, tune and service your e-bike. If you ever confront an issue, we'll take care of you locally - keeping things easy for you.


The e-bike systems on our brand partners' e-bikes are certified to meet or exceed leading safety standards.

The quality of an e-system and battery really matters - not just for the reliability of your e-bike, but more importantly, for your safety. Our brands take your safety very seriously and follow a strict protocol of e-system safety standards that includes third-party validation and a battery management system that regulates the battery's cells for safety and performance.


FACT: the e-bike's higher torque, higher speed, and higher mass require a higher standard of quality.

For all the fun and possibilities electric bikes can bring, it's important to remember they have different design requirements than non-electric bikes. E-bikes typically have more mass and are often ridden faster than their non-electric counterparts.

Together, these forces ask a lot of your bike's brakes and other parts - in many cases more than what a non-electric bicycle would ask of them. That's why our brands only use parts that can meet the extra demands of an e-bike.

Let's get this journey started.

 We believe electric bikes have the power to transform lives, especially if riders have the best possible experience riding them.

We're here for you every pedal stroke of your e-bike journey - from guiding you through different models, your very first test ride (yes, you can take as many e-bikes for a quick spin as it takes to find the perfect match!), through many thousands of miles of fun. If you ever have an issue, we'll take care of you.

BC E-Bike Rebate Program

An income-qualified rebate program for residents of BC

Trail Bicycles is a participating retailer.

Learn more about the BC E-Bike Rebate Program Here

Interested in an electric cargo bike? 


The CleanBC GO ELECTRIC program (previously Specialty Use Vehicle Incentive Program (SUVI)) provides rebates on zero-emissions specialty use vehicles like electric cargo bikes for BC residents. Trail Bicycles is proud to carry eligible e-cargo bikes by Harry vs Larry and TREK.


Learn more about CleanBC GO ELECTRIC here >>

How Far Can E-Bikes Go?