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Shimano Service Centres are a global network of independent bike retailers, combining excellent bike care with the latest technologies to provide the best service possible. Every Shimano-certified Service Centre mechanic cares about bikes. A lot. That's why the latest technologies and genuine Shimano parts are used.

Ready To Help

Your bike is our number one priority. We're ready to answer your questions, assess  and service your bike - or just fix a flat. Any type of bike is welcome at Trail Bicycles. 

Professional Bike Care

We don't just service bikes, we care about them. We do whatever it takes to get you back on your bike- whether resolving an issue or providing regular maintenance.


Questions about your bike or bike maintenance? We give the best advice. We know everything there is to know about bikes and the latest technologies. We're always ready to help you find the answers to your questions.


Hear a strange sound or feel something's off with your chain or your derailleur? Or maybe your brakes are in need of new pads or a repair? Our mechanics are ready to help.


Routine maintenance is key to avoiding issues during your ride. It also helps prevent unexpected and unnecessary service costs. Regular servicing increases the life of your bike and boosts your riding pleasure.


Bikes need special care that our e-systems certified technicians are ready to provide. We can check and update your firmware or test your e-bike's abttery performance. if you are running on a Bosch, Shimano, TQ, Fazua, Hydrive, or Mahle system.


For the most comprehensive service and the best value, we recommend choosing one of our complete service packages. We also offer a la carte bike repairs and our mechanics are keen to tackle whatever is troubling your bike!  Learn more about our packages below and visit us today for your free estimate. 

Level 1
Bike Service

  • Bike wash
  • Lubricating drivetrain
  • Torquing of all fasteners
  • Aligning and adjusting brakes
  • Aligning and adjusting shifting
  • Adjusting headset
  • Inspecting bottom bracket
  • Basic wheel true
  • Tire check and inflation
  • E-Bike system update (Bosch, Shimano, TQ, Fazua, Mahle HyDrive)
  • $70 (parts not included)

    Level 2
    Bike Service


    Includes everything in the Level 1 Service Package, plus:

  • Removing and deep-clean of drivetrain components
  • Installation of new drivetrain components, cables, housing
  • Brake surface and pad cleaning/installation of new brake pads
  • Adjusting wheel bearings
  • Advanced wheel true
  • Frame gets polished and protectant applied 
  • E-Bike system update (Bosch, Shimano, TQ, Fazua, Mahle HyDrive)
  • $130 (parts not included)

    Level 3
    Bike Service

    Includes everything in the Level One and Level Two Service Packages, plus:

  • Complete bicycle disassembly
  • Overhauling / replacing bottom bracket
  • Overhauling / replacing headset bearings
  • Overhauling / replacing wheel bearings
  • Inspecting and servicing freehub body
  • 50hr fork lower leg service
  • 50hr shock air sleeve service
  • Servicing suspension pivots and replacing bearings
  • Hydraulic brakes flush and bleed
  • Tubeless sealant top up
  • Lubricating dropper post
  • E-Bike system update (Bosch, Shimano, TQ, Fazua, Mahle HyDrive)
  • $450 - Full Suspension Mountain Bikes*
    $350 - Front Suspension Mountain Bikes*
    $250 - Road & City Bikes*
    (*parts not included)


    Our mechanics are trained and equipped to service e-bike systems from Bosch, Shimano, TQ, Fazua, Mahle and Hydrive. We are happy to service the mechanical components of bikes using other e-systems. However, due to fire risk and insurance restrictions we will require you to remove your battery before leaving your bike with us.  Bikes with batteries that cannot be removed will need to be picked up immediately following repair. They will not be stored in the building overnight. If they are not picked up they will be locked outside. 
     Please read our Frequently Asked Questions section or contact us if you have any questions.

    Q: What if I don’t make it to pick up my bike by the end of the day?

    A: We will lock your bike up outside the shop overnight. This is due to fire risk and insurance restrictions.


    Q: I ordered an e-bike online from another vendor and it needs to be assembled. Can you build the bike for me?

    A: We can build the bike for you, no problem. The bike cannot be shipped directly to us, however.


    Q: Can the bike be shipped directly to your shop?

    A: No, the bike cannot be shipped directly to us. We will not accept it and it might be sent back.


    Q: Do you work on electric scooters, skateboards or similar e-assist devices?

    A: No we don't.

    Q: Do you work on all e-bikes?

    A: We service the mechanical parts of most e-bikes and the electrical systems of select brands such as Trek, Electra, Norco, Pivot, Ibis, and Mondraker.


    Q: Can you service the motor/battery system on my e-bike?

    A: Only if it is made by Bosch, Shimano, TQ, Fazua, Mahle or Hydrive.


    Q: Do I need to take my battery home while you’re servicing my bike?

    A: Not if it uses one of the above systems. Maybe if it is equipped with another system. Please ask for details.


    Q: What do I do if my battery is not removable?

    A: If your bike uses a system we are not comfortable storing and your battery is not removable you will need to drop off your bike and pick it up on the same day. We will not keep it in the shop overnight.


    We also offer smaller jobs a la carte* such as sealant top-up, flat repairs (for most strollers, too), boxing (or unboxing) your bike for travel, brake bleeds, and much more.. If you don't find what you're looking for here, contact us via email or give us a call at 250 334 2456.

    [*Please note that prices are for labour only, parts are not included.]

    FLAT REPAIR - $10 | FLAT REPAIR INTERNAL GEAR/HUB MOTOR - $25 | BRAKE BLEED TOP BLEED - $7.50/line | BRAKE BLEED FULL FLUSH - $30/line | BRAKE PAD INSTALL - $13 (incl. bedding in) | TUBELESS TIRE INSTALL - $17-$30/tire (incl. sealant) | CUSHCORE/INSERT INSTALL - $30/wheel | WHEEL TRUE - $20/wheel | WHEEL BUILD - $75-$90 | BOX A BIKE (for shipping or travelling) - $55 | UNBOX AND RE-BUILD BIKE - $80 | BUILD NEW BIKE - $250 | AIR - a smile

    Tuned-up bikes are happier bikes

    Regular service is key to keep your bike rolling like new.

    Contact us to schedule your bike service today.

    You can give us a call 250 334 2456 or send us an email if you have any questions or if you would like to book an appointment.