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Say WHAT bike..?!!

Great things begin in the places we know best. The ARRIVAL is proof of what’s possible when a small, dedicated team pours all of their passion into a single focus: to create a bike of uncompromising quality born on the trails they call home while being a force of nature on any trail, anywhere. 

The ARRIVAL: 100% designed, manufactured and assembled in Kamloops, BC.  Yes, you read that correctly.

The ARRIVAL is of 29" corner-smashing excellence that meets at the intersection of fast and fun. It has enough soul to make any rider want to shred all day and enough substance to meet the diverse challenges of the Enduro World Series. Race tested, this bike has already started stacking top-15 finishes piloted by EWS Junior and Kamloops local, Jonathan Helly.

A proper mountain bike, The ARRIVAL is for the aggressive rider who wants a playful bike that balances the ability to hold a line, rail corners and handle race speeds with confidence. It does not sacrifice comfort or pedal efficiency and begs for another lap. 


Warranty / Fix and Repair

All of our Frames will be backed by a WE ARE ONE frame lifetime warranty against manufacturers' defects. They want all of our customers to experience more ride time and do their best to make each bike so it can last a lifetime. If they determine a product to be defective due to their work, they will replace it free of charge.

Zero Plastic Packaging

All products are packaged and shipped in recycled cardboard. The design of each shipping box seeks the goal of zero plastic. After customers have unpacked their products, the entire box and its sub-components can be recycled again. 

Additionally, they are striving to improve the ability to reduce impact and energy consumption and continue to do so as WE ARE ONE matures, and as newer technologies allow.

The 500 Mile Diet

WE ARE ONE is proud to say 99% of the raw materials used to build the frame come from within a 500-mile radius, with the 1% being titanium fasteners from China. They’ve broken down the sources and locations where they procure raw materials from below. It takes an ambitious team of dedicated vendors to shift the needle, and they are proud to call many of the teammates behind these North American manufacturer's friends. WE ARE ONE celebrates all the trails they have cleared ahead of them, and they would like to tip their hat to them by also utilizing their products on their frames.