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After a 2-Year Hiatus



"All-Arounder" Trails - Every Other Friday

Advanced Trails - Every Other Wednesday

We host weekly trail rides suitable for a variety of levels, to destinations such as Cumberland and Forbidden Plateau. Sometimes we even leave right from the shop. We also offer a variety of bike workshops and repair clinics throughout the year. Keep in touch on Facebook and Instagram to make sure you don’t miss out on anything!

Summer 2022 - The last shop ride of the season left from the Cumberland yellow gate on Friday, September 9, 2022.

Every Other Friday - "All-Arounder" Ride

"Life Behind Bars" means its finally Friday and we can celebrate biking! So start your weekend out right! This is a co-ed ride, no-pressure group that will be riding Cumberland every other week.

This ride is perfect for experienced beginners and up. If you're unsure where you sit, have a look at our weekly posted ride plan to see if you're familiar, capable and keen to do the loop! We'll have a mix of ride leaders and you can count on ladies to always be representing! Don't forget, minors need guardians.

Join our Facebook group and check back to find out where we're going and when to meet up - our ride plan/loop will be posted the day of, or earlier.

Every Other Wednesday - Advanced Ride


If you're interested in a faster pace all mountain ride (1hr of climbing or more) head over to our group page for Wednesday Night Rides. Please note that this ride is a steady paced climb with little stopping and riding all the hardest trails on the way back down. It is a semi drop ride, if you are struggling a ways behind on the way up we may ask you to find your own way down and come on our Friday night group ride. Same goes for the way down, we will want to keep the group somewhat together and not be waiting a long time at the bottom.