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Power Your Ride with an E-Bike

Understanding E-Bikes

Electric Bikes Are For Everyone

Sometimes you’ll ride to get from A to B, sometimes you’ll ride for fitness, and sometimes you'll ride for fun. No matter how you spend time in the saddle, e-bikes offer unique solutions to the challenges of any ride. On or off-road, they’re perfect for those who want to climb faster, explore more, get there quicker, or just carry heavier loads.

Electric bikes work by using an electric motor and battery to help you power your bike. On pedal assist e-bikes, you control the amount of power the drive system provides and the assist only kicks in when you pedal. The motor amplifies the power behind each of your pedal strokes, providing a natural riding feeling that makes it seem like your legs are supercharged!

Some manufacturers make e-bikes that use a twist throttle to engage the drive system. With these bikes, you don’t have to be pedaling for the motor to be engaged. This can be dangerous, since it’s easy to get out of control if you’re not paying attention. We only sell pedal assist e-bikes, because they feel the most like a regular bike and help riders feel more in command of their ride.

Anatomy of an E-Bike

1. Mid-Drive Motor 
The main types of e-bike motors are mid-drive motors and hub motors. Hub motors are typically mounted in the rear wheel while mid-drive motors are located in the same area as the pedal cranks and bottom bracket. Mid-drive motors are more efficient, feel more natural while pedaling, and are easier to shift on hills

2. Controller 
As you might guess, controllers are what you use to control your e-bike’s settings. They’re super simple to use. You can change your level of assist, see your speed and distance, and check how much battery power you have remaining. Some even integrate with your smartphone for added capability.

3. Battery
E-bike batteries are an important factor in determining your e-bike’s range. The higher watt hour (Wh) your battery is, the more potential you have to go farther. Batteries can be mounted in lots of different places, but those mounted on the downtube or integrated into the downtube itself provide the best center of gravity.

Make More Possible

Forget about refilling your gas tank or crowding onto public transportation - once you try an electric bike, it’ll be the only way you ever want to get around. Featuring lightweight, rechargeable batteries, quiet, responsive pedal-assist motors, and impressive carrying capacity, you can go further and faster on every ride.

How Far Can E-Bikes Go?


How Do E-Bikes Work?


Manuals & How-To's 

Change Your Life. Get An E-Bike. More Power To You. 

E-bikes come in all forms and shapes – from commuters and hybrids, to full suspension mountain bikes, hardtails, road and cargo bikes. We carry e-bikes from Trek, Electra, Norco and Harry VS Larry (for your cargo-hauling needs).

Did you know...?!

People and businesses in B.C. can get money back when they buy a new e-bike: British Columbians who scrap a qualifying car or truck can receive $750 rebate when they buy a new e-bike. Business owners in B.C. can get up to $1,700 when they buy a cargo e-bike. Cargo e-bikes can cut delivery costs and reduce truck traffic in our communities.


Scrap your car and save $750 when buying an e-bicycle. You have to meet program requirements and provide a debit, credit or cash receipt, incl. your customer name - we print this for you at the time of sale. Trail Bicycles is a participating retailer; rebates are claimed directly through BC SCRAP-IT.


The SUVI program provides rebates on zero-emissions specialty use vehicles like electric cargo bikes. Trail Bicycles is proud to carry eligible e-cargo bikes by Harry Vs. Larry

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Live Electrified.

Those who own an electric bike ride three times more often and three times further. We like to think those who own e-bikes have three times more fun, too. If you’re ready to start your e-life, or perhaps upgrade your current ride, we have a wide range of e-bikes for just about everyone. Ready? Let’s Go!

$9,399.99 - $10,049.99
$3,499.00 - $4,999.00
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$3,499.00 - $4,999.00